Eating to Feed Your Spirit


We cannot separate our body from our spirit, they are commingled together, yet this is the approach of standard medicine:  Look at the body part that is malfunctioning and attempt to fix that - without consideration for the body as  a whole pulsating energy exchanging consciousness. 

And we oft work on our physical health without giving the same time to nurturing our spirit.

What we eat can greatly affect our spiritual growth. We can eat to enhance it or conversely, eat to tamp it down if it's all a little too uncomfortable and icky to deal with. 

Clean, natural, fresh foods are the keys to heightening awareness (of course there are other means but this is primarily about diet) 

We take in the energy of a food, our cells feed off the light contained within it and the  messages this light holds. So a vegetarian diet  at least, is a must. 

Eating  dead animal is for mouth pleasure only. Dead animal flesh does not contain good energy - think of the toxic foods stuffs the vast majority are fed. Then add to the the hormone overload released when the animal is killed. 

Do you want those fear vibrations in your bod. I sure don't. 

Plants however are filled with pure nutrition and none of the nasties (unless you are eating  GM foods which you should never do of course).  And do, do stop using the mircowave. I've never had one and I've coped absolutely splendidly even with 7  mouths to feed thrice daily for many a year. 

One of the  best ways to get more light to you cells rapido is liquid chlorophyll.  It tastes like grasss with a lot of soil mixed in. Am I selling it well?  

It can be disguised quite easily however, in a smoothie or juice and  it packs such power that frankly I'd  knock it back neat if I had to. 

Any Q's about any of this feel free to drop me a line . I'm here to help.