Constant Cravings

September 26, 2019



We've all either had or get them...

Those cravings where we must have a specific food NOW - never more so than in pregnancy (men, you will have to trust me on this, I've 5 of these under my belt  so personal experience on this is considerable). It can feel like a matter of life and death. I'm definitely not a marmite person yet had to have it with pregnancy number 1, along with plain yoghurt (not literally together), pregnancy number 3 it was peanut butter and beans on toast, with number 4, Indian food. 


Generally speaking and from what I've observed, the most craved foods are chocolate, bread and cheese...plus any that contain MSG as this makes them morish -  can YOU stop at one Pringle? 


Obviously, these are not healthy cravings - dark plain chocolate excepted - but some compulsion for a particular food, can be an indication that we are not currently giving our body all the nutrients it requires.


I was suddenly impelled to consume pumpkin seeds - not something I eat many of, truth be told. For 2 weeks I couldn't get enough of them - ground up in my smoothies or eating as they are. Then that desire dissipated. These seeds are very high in zinc, I'm assuming this was what needed a - boosting.


Presently,  I'm on 8 fresh figs a day, at least, but that's because they are crazy cheap in a certain supermarket right now, not a craving. Just pure love. 


I'm very in tune with my body, so it is a simple matter for me to hear (and obey) the calls for extra nutritional input of some sort. You can learn to ascertain this too, applying a modicum of common sense. However, if you need some help, please email me. That's what I'm here for. Help.  


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