Switch Your Light On

September 9, 2019



"We now know that the biphotons emitted from our cells are highly coherent energy that may be responsible for the operation of our biological systems.


What does this mean? We know that our cells emit light and that this light is constantly sending and receiving information. We also know that we have at least some ability to affect this light." Dr Joe Disprenza


We are light beings, ergo we need light in our bodies to function. We need to be out in that sunlight - when it happens for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is far more than just  offsetting the symptoms of SAD.


BUT we can eat light too, by consuming foods containing a high light frequency. 


Guess what - these foods wil not be in packages or boxes in the supermarket. No such thing as long - life light 





So dunk your face into the veg garden and salad bowl  OR if  you don't fancy being a hungry caterpillar, get those greens into you daily through a juice or a smoothie...you will notice the difference when you add light. Failing these options go with liquid chlorophyll or wheat grass juice.


Make it a habit. 


And  did you notice where raw chocolate figures?  Near the top! Life is good people ; )


Up your intake of live light from raw, even through the winter months - check my other blog post on raw food in winter - Dec 2017. 




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Switch Your Light On

September 9, 2019

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