Back Is The New Forward

August 27, 2019


As a long time seeker of the meditational calm, I've tried many methods to attain this eg Holysync, guided meditations, music  containing binaural beats, hypnosis, and other such similar programs. The latest being the Wim Hof breathing technique. All of these work - as long as they are consistently used, and here is Problemo Numero Uno - sticking with something! 


Numero Dos being the not - getting - bored - by - it  thing. I admit it, I have a low attention span. Unless out in Nature where I can spend hours just being. 


However, finally I have discovered - courtesy of the lovely Taoist Master below -  a simple, quick yet excellent approach to quietening the mind and bringing a supreme calm. It took only a few days to grasp this and now I find it easy to slip into, and the effect is profound. 




 It's a very short clip so if you would like to know more, carry on with the Barefoot Doctor's words: 


" ....when the pressure of life, in whatever form that presents itself, makes you feel you're under attack, you don't react like a mad monkey,


you retract your center of gravity and the point from which you're observing and hence experiencing it all, backwards so you're gazing out from the back of your head instead of the front, and the weight of your inner presence is gathered in and behind your spine instead of allowing it to habitually fall forwards into the front of you.


While this is the simplest thing to do, it's challenging because we're more used to using the mind to think with, rather than for this kind of proprioceptive awareness, but once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as falling off the proverbial log." 



Trust me IT WORKS, so  I'm highly enthused about it. I just wrecked one of my prized possessions, (I really don't have many), something I spent hours making, (cost about £200) and which I've treated oh so carefully over the last 5 years...and pre this technique I'd have been gutted. I'm not thrilled about this loss, but have been equanimous about the episode. Zenned out if you like, by Tao. 






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