Grab Your Life Back

June 15, 2019


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We all find inspiration and confirmation of who we are from different places. We find who we are ourselves, if we want to make that search. If we dare to make that search.


Our lives should be so fulfilling that we wake each morning with happiness. We should not need to think or exercise ourselves into this, to go about our day. We have it all the wrong way round. And as each generation comes along the process of the break out moves ahead but oh so painfully, pitifully slowly.


We have so much knowledge at the tips of our fingers yet much of it is hidden behind the fake news, the fake medicine, the fake belief systems. If there is BIG money to be made from it - proceed with caution. Corporations want to rule your every waking hour so you spend, spend, spend with them.


Grab your life back from the people who tell you how to live it,  and who try to keep you living in fear. The SUN is not harmful - it heals yet everyone is now scared to venture out in it without slathering on suncreams. Use the sun wisely - tanning incrementally at the right hours of the day and you are aiding your body to ward off  disease - not causing it! 


We are energetic beings, we are an electrical field, we NEED sunlight in our cells to function properly.  

We need pure water and pure air. Where are these disappearing to? Why? 

Why do we think we need to buy more , buy the latest, move faster, chase our tails? Why do we think we have to FILL our lives with so much activity there is no room to BE 

to simply oh so ecstatcally


and when that moment has passed,

grab another and another.....


Fill your body with energised fresh plants foods. Feed it, rather than just stuffing textures in your mouth. Feeling good, connecting, can begin in many ways - eating clean and pure is one of them. 


Life is meant to be joyful. Joy is a high vibrational field. It heals. Not just you, but those around you as it reverberates. 


Who or what is stealing your joy? Make your own rules for your life. Make time for you. Make TIME for YOU. It is not selfish it is necessary. 


Be with yourself away from distractions - yep, at first it is weird and uncomfy. We are so used to being entertained and we have TMI pounded into our heads hour by hour. So much so, that  switching off, now needs to be a conscious decision. 


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin


It's time for you to bloom, be your best self - but it is a never ending journey so don't beat yourself up about where you are now, where you are now is fine, but keep, exploring, examining the WHY of what we are being daily conditioned to do, to be. 


Sometimes to move ahead, we have to stop and be still. 


If you are floundering and would like some support, I would love love love to help you.




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