Conflicting Messages That Mess With Your Head

June 1, 2019




We are all familiar with the opposing health messages we get flung at us by the media - one year it is eat less fat, more carbs, the next year, it 's forget carbs, eat more protein and fat etc etc to the point of yawning. 


BUT what about the mental messages we are being bombarded with? In the guise of self help these can be quite emotionally debilitating - the exact opposite of the intention behind them. 


Like for example: 






By attempting to inspire and lift up, these constant exhortations  can actually  leave us feeling less than good enough as we are. Other messages seem to complicate the process of moving from who we are now to who we are being advised to turn into in the future.


There is no doubt that the majority of people involved in the spectrum of helping  us become MORE and BETTER are coming from a place of  compassion and love. But I do question the need to be more and better, as the inverse of this, is that we are not OK right now as we are. 


We are not someone else's version of who we should be. Yet often we live like this.


On the other hand,  those of us who have felt amazing, who have been enveloped in bliss, want everyone to be able to experience this because it is the most joyous feeling ever. The twirling around in the middle of the road when no one is looking feeling...only it sits just under your skin, waiting to leap out at unexpected moments. This is ABUNDANCE. It can be accessed by a health giving diet -  as honestly, if you are not feeling good in your body, it is hard to find even a sliver of bliss - but it is not the only portal. 


Life has become far too complicated and mucked up. MOST of what we have in our lives we do not need. Materially, the minimalist movement has been gathering speed for a decade now...so many youngers (the almost millennials and onwards)  see the benefits of not being tied down by possessions and the worries of maintaining these.


The symptoms of poor health, poor body functions, poor mind set - (chronic illness, loss of fitness and vitality, mental health) have the modern world at their root, and how we perceive we have to live our lives. 


We can choose to opt for a simpler life - yet still one of  the aforementioned abundance. 


Happiness is our default setting. Reset yourself!





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