Stuck In The Mud?

May 15, 2019



If your life feels like a constant struggle, your personal goals seem unrealisitic and sometimes you don't know if you will ever make it out the other side, think on this:

we change all the time ergo, you can reinvent yourself any time, you never ever have to remain stuck. 


 " It is what it is" -  excellent words to allow us to accept what is going on right now in this moment in our life. The more we resist a thing/circumstance/person/relationship/ the more power it has over us. 


On the other hand, often we resist the things that would do us so much good - like ...hmmm...green juices/cold showers?!!  Yuk and brrr I hear you cry. Trust me,  I get where you are coming from. At times I've  been the slowest of slow to include some really excellent things into my life.


Yet, whilst acceptance is better than resistance, it is definitely  not the same as resignation - as so brilliantly expressed  below by Andrea Balt: 




" How am I going to heal the place in me that hurts, or change the things that make me suffer, the sh*t holes in my life, the aspects I want to improve, if I accept them?

Acceptance is not the same as conformity or comfort. For instance, you can accept your circumstances without necessarily agreeing with the story they tell you, or getting too comfortable in that story. 

Acceptance is not passive, it is proactive soul work. It requires courage, honesty and presence. It’s about showing up for yourself fully and with an open heart, in whatever way this life demands of you today.

Accepting what is is about acknowledging exactly what is happening inside and outside of you, without distracting yourself from this moment, as painful, uncomfortable or unbearable as it may be.

It’s like a staring contest with the imperfect, aching beauty of your life. (Who wins?)

Accepting your pain and suffering is not the same as normalizing it or numbing yourself with distractions. It’s quite the opposite. It’s only when you don’t accept what is that you try to find another way out of the pain and discomfort of your own awareness.

When you accept what is, you become aware of what needs to be done differently. When you become aware of what doesn’t work, you become empowered to change it."


So, if you need some help unglueing yourself from your life patterns - well you know where I am.

Sat waiting with a green juice at my side  ; ) 








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