Juice It Now!

May 7, 2019



One of the best things you can do for your total mindbody health  is JUICE!  There are other things too in my top 5 list of simple but effective changes - but one at a time..... 


Start simple. One juice a day. Not shop bought. Make at home from FRESH produce. 


Basic decent  easy to clean juicers are about £60 with the ultimate ones for juice pros £300+ NOT to be confused with nutribullets or similar  -which are blenders for smoothies not juices (unless you get involved in sieving through a mesh bag  -all very messy and drippy and not even worth it) 


Best easy- to- start- on juice: 


1 cucumber

1/2 lemon ( don't juice with skin on )

1/2 " ginger root

4   full (lady) handfuls of spinach leaves 

2 small apples 

2 sticks celery


SO cleasning SO refreshing SO GOOD FOR YOU! 


Start your day with this and you will zing all morning. 



Why? Because all those nutirents ( vitamins/ minerals) are getting straight to your cells. Already broken down for easy assimilation. 

Celery and cucumber are mega stars- great on their own, but working best as a duo like Ant and Dec.




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