Very Fat Body: It may now be socially acceptable but it still isn't good for you!

April 18, 2019



When it comes to weight, it has long been acknowledged that losing it is easy (relatively), but that maintaining  your new shape is the tricky part. 


This is because most of us can persuade ourselves to give up things we love to eat in order to reach a certain goal - looking good on the beach in summer,  going to an important wedding, - or any other social event where the photos will haunt us for years. 


Then we decide to let up on the new way of eating ...just for a few days...for a few chips, for a few chocolates, for a damn huge pizza. May as well just completely pig out and make it up next week by being really strict...yeah yeah we know where that leads!


The paradox is that in western society there is sooooo much info out there about how to be fit, healthy and slim, YET more people than ever are dying from diet related issues. Obesity is seen as  normal  - think of the clothing brands telling us to be ourselves and wear what we like regardless of size. This appears to be a good thing - why should we be judged on our body shape after all,  but the reality is that someone, somewhere just wants to  make lots of money out of you being overweight - buy into feeling good about your excessive fat and buy into their brand of making you feel good!   


The scales have swung too far. Absolutely, we should be allowed to be free to be who we are, and not have this dictated to us by society, but at the risk of eating ourselves to an early death? Of course, overeating is also about numbing pain, relieving boredom and  other various emotional aspects.  


Trust me NOTHING feels more good than being fully nourished by life giving nutrients and the vitality these bring to your body, mind and spirit. 


Embracing clean eating  instead of short term dieting , will bring about cellular changes that will transfrom your body. You will lose the desire to eat the things you once were addicted to. Yes, you will! It will not happen overnight and it may take some months, but one day you will open the fridge door and feel cheated if it  is not stocked full of fresh greens, fruit and vegetables. Honest. 




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