Why Sports Massage?

February 27, 2019



When I mention that I see a sports massage therapist, I often find that people think this is only someone an athelete or sports person should use. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

If you have any kind of pain or tension - back, neck, knee or wherever -  the underlaying causes need to be treated. If your knees hurt, the reason could be your weak glutes. 


A sports massage therapist is trained to go deeeeeeeep in the body - to unknot those ligaments, tendons, mucles and gluey facia so that everything is in balance again. It may make you yelp - but it is worth it. 


I am currently being broken down bit by bit to be rebuilt,  following a complex muscle injury. It is a long slow process but I feel supported in every way by the  amazing SMG (sports massage guy) treating me. Check him out here : 








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