Super Skin Nutrients

March 8, 2018


We want multiple benefits from our natural skin foods namely,

exfoliation, toning, moisturising, cell regeneration and collagen growth boost, thus resulting in the bloom of roses look.  This need not be complicated. Often when prepping avocados (alone)  I  rub the inside of the skin over my face for a quick facial boost.


My rule is to only use on my skin things I can eat, with the exception below of distilled witch hazel. These recipes are tried and tested, simple but effective, all natural skin care regimes.


Daily Facial Cleanser by Roxy Dillon


Just take your kitchen into the bathroom or reverse...


Wet face with warm water

Apply some oil with finger tips ( olive/coconut/walnut)

Then dab freshly squeezed lemon juice on top (half a lemon)

Lastly dot on some finely ground pink or sea salt and rub very gently all over face

Rinse off with warm water ...


Face will be glowing now! Do not rub too hard: think baby massage not sports...



Skin Polisher by Roxy Dillon


Works all over body, it is lotion thickness


1/2 cup linseed or walnut or hazelnut oil

1 heaped teaspoon lecithin granules

1/3 cup distilled witch hazel ( not used internally unless advised by herbalist)

1/3 cup rose water

Blend on high speed briefly, it will turn white.

Use as wanted but keep in fridge.



Simplest of Face Masks 


1/4 of  an avocado mashed with fork and 1/2 teaspoon spirulina powder, you can simply scrape off and eat...

Joking!!!... just wash away to get rid of the dead skin cells.

However, avocado and spirulina in this tiny quantity do taste good so do eat some too.



Facial Massage


Another doddle using oil and your hand!  Smooth oil onto your face, make a fist and using your knuckles rub over lines, back and forth and round and round. Cover all of face with these movements. It works as a deep tissue massage, so will bring the blood to the surface.


Foods to apply and/or ingest:


Diatomaceous Earth

Vitamin C as rose hip or camu camu  powder

Lemon juice





Pink  Himalayan Salt

Coconut oil

Cocoa butter



Shea Butter

Rose water

Witch hazel








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