Raw Food in Winter - are you crazy?

December 16, 2017

If the thought of eating raw when it is cold makes you shiver, you are not alone. It is far far easier to eat raw in warm weather under bright blue skies and summery sun. However, when you love the way you feel when eating raw, it is not easy to switch to some cooked without losing an element of vitality. 

There are ways and means around this, and it is not cheating as there are no rules to live by except those you impose upon yourself!  If you eat raw to feel your best and look good, will eating raw in cold temps make you feel your best? Only you can answer that.  


It is dependent upon various factors, such as if it is cold outside but lovely and snug in your home, then you don't need the 'comfort' feeling that you may crave if your home is cold. Given that many countries hike up fuel costs each year, more and more people are living in under heated houses in colder months. 

So something to consider is making a warm meal - cooking - and eating half raw with it, or more than half raw. For instance, a baked sweet potato and a large winter vegetable salad incorporating plenty of avocado. 


Or a soup which is made from 2/3  cooked vegetables but the remaining third raw,  which can be added just before blending. 


Remember simple things like warming plates/bowls up before using, just stand in a bowl of very hot water if you haven't put the oven on.







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