My Natural Healing Kit

Bee Propolis

At the sign of any sore throat or sniffles this is my go to. It can be used as an energy boost and to help strengthen the immune system but is also great at stopping any cold or flu bug  before it can hook itself in.  It tastes pretty yuk - I go for the tincture - but it's worth it. 

Raw honey has remarkable healing properties but most honey sold is not raw, so do your due diligence.  If it is extracted from the combs using heat, it is not raw.

NB Royal  Jelly harms the bees, so please give this a miss.

Iodine Tincture 

Lugol's - the dark looking one - for any cuts or bites. I was once bitten by a half feral cat (my fault) and treated this deep wound with iodine and Dragons Blood, nothing else. (I still have a tiny scar some 5 years later - that's how deep it was) 

Dragons Blood

This is an amazing blood red tree resin from the Amazon which acts like a glue when applied to the skin and rubbed on. A natural plaster if you like. 

Aloe Vera

Pretty much all of us have an aloe plant knocking around somewhere. Remedies tend to trend in the natural arena as with anywhere, so yesterday's stars get forgotten. Consider this a reminder.


Aloe vera sap is amazing for soothing, and healing sun burn, any burn, itching, bites and spots. 

Liquorice Sticks

Before I switched to a high raw diet I used to regulalry get mouth ulcers - liquorice water zapped them before they could take hold.


This is simple to make from the woody sticks you can buy in health shops. Just break one into 1" peices, add 2  mugs of water and simmer (with lid on) for about 15 mins. Cool. Swoosh around the mouth and spit out. Do this a few times a day and your ulcer will heal in no time.