The  Subconscious Mind and How We Talk to Ourselves

We are co creators in our own reality, but how do we create the reality we want when most of our thoughts are not  conscious ones and are working against us? 

We constantly self sabotage. The amount of negative messages filtered through to our mind throughout the day, far outweighs the positive ones we  try to remind ourselves of.

On top of this, there is the problem of conscious thoughts not sinking deep into our psyche. It can take a lot of work to overcome this.

One way is hypnotism.

Paul Mckenna has several free 20 minute hypnosis sessions on youtube that cover health, anxiety, sleep, losing weight, and self confidence. 

Another proven method is listening to positive messages, being drenched in these  throughout the day.  InnerTalk has a huge selection of topics for you to choose the best one for you. I first started using these CD's back in 2008/9  but lost them somehwere in a house move. Happily these are now available in mp3  format as well, so you can buy and download immediately. You do not have to sit and listen to these,  just have them on in the background. 


Yet another option, working on all sorts of levels,  is the brainchild of  Barefoot Doctor via a  program named AMPED  On  his website you can read all about it and try out some taster doses. I'm loving it.