Chalkboard lessons # 2
 Raw Chocolate

OK now here's the thing, processed chocolate is NOT good for you and never will be, and if you are a milk chocolate fan it may take a bit of munching through some darker stuff to get you into it...but it's worth it. As are you!


I make my own, simple and quick. ( There are other more complex ways, using raw cacao liquer). You need raw organic cocoa butter and not the sort you buy to put on your body - although you can use the food grade stuff for that too! Then you need some raw organic cocao powder. I have given you the link for a site below that sells this, but there are others... just make sure you get RAW, if it is heat treated then you don't get the health benefits. 


Melt your cocoa butter in a bowl over a pan (don't even THINK about using a microwave!) then add some raw organic honey and  cocao powder....experiment with what tastes good for you. I would try it with about 100 gms cocoa butter, and the same of cocao powder. Honey to taste... approx 1 tsp. Pour into non plastic container and let set in the fridge.


I'm not a measurement person, but do try small amounts until you find a combination you like.  If it tastes too powdery use less powder, if it tastes too greasy use less butter!


 There are lots of recipes online, and books dedicated to it.  I add bee pollen to mine and sometimes goji berries and/or cacao nibs. You can pretty much eat your fill of this and not put on weight - sound too good to be true? The reason is your 'fill' will be a lot lot lot less than if eating  the shop bought processed stuff.

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