Natural Pain Relief


It is not fun to be in pain. Forgive me for stating the obvious. Pain is a message to us, and as for chronic pain well forgive me again for a grumble -  but as someone who knows how this feels, I'd like to tell that messanger that delivery has been made, and no need for any follow up ones, thank you very much. 

I'm actually extremely disgruntled to find myself experiencing physical pain given my healthy lifestyle, (muscular injury) but the upside of this is that I can advise you from first hand experience about what helps to alleviate this.

If you are all for the big pharma medicate - until - you - are - dead approach, then this may not be for you, but personally I would only use over the counter meds in the very short term (have never taken any prescription ones in my life) whilst the reasons behind the pain are rooted out. 

Do consider a sports massage therapist - a good one will really get into those knubbly, knobbly bits you didn't even know you had. 

The below are all natural healing methods you can use at home, just click on the link, and if you have any queries please feel free to mail me. 

Magnetic Therapy

This is great - I bought 2 magnets and taped them to my knee and the pain was dramatically reduced - the down side is the tape residue which I found really hard to remove, and the rather embarrassing admission that I have now lost both these magnets - I hoped they had somehow attached themselves to the underside of my rebounder but so far I have not detected them anywhere. HOWEVER, you can purchase magnetised wraps for knees and elbows - just check what is available on the above link. 

Earthing or Grounding

I have slept on an earthing sheet for years. Earthing is very definitely a part of pain relief and for balancing the body. It is used by Tour De France cyclists to heal injuries rapidly, as explained in the link.

Magnesium Oil

This is one of my must haves. Applied to the skin over sore or painful muscles it brings great relief. Most of us are deficient in magnesium, yet is is hugely important in relaxing muscles and aiding sleep. By appling to the skin and bypassing the digestive system it can head on right to your cells and start working. 

*** Asthmatics can benefit from magnesium as it opens up airways - if you would like more info on this, please contact me - I used it on my son when he was diagnosed with asthma, as I did not want him using an inhaler. Back in 1996 these were quite rare - now most houses seem to have one! 

Infrar Red Light

This is my latest try - out and I am very impressed. I have not considered it in the past because of the cost of large flat infrar red lamps, (several hundred £'s)  however I am very happy with the Beurer lamp I ordered from Amazon (Beurer IL 50 Infrared heat lamp 300W £69) All you need to know about why it works and how it works in the link above. Just 2 sessions of about 4 minutes removed a niggling shoulder pain I had had for some weeks. 

Diet has a massive role to play in pain relief. Healing holistically means a varied but integrated approach to allow the body to release the stress, and recover in its own time. 

 *** Healing by Sound: there are various sound frequencies that heal called the Solfeggio frequencies. You can find many of these on youtube such as this one which has also been combined with binaural beats

For an explanation of why this works on our body, see this clip from Dr Bruce Lipton about how (and why) our bodies respond to vibration.