Diabetes Type 2

If we accept that diabetes is caused by a glitch in the way our body manages insulin levels, it makes perfect sense to aid this function by altering the factors that we can influence. Happily, there is much we can do to prevent diabetes and even reverse it. 

We are often reluctant to make modifications to how we live, as old habits die hard, but when you initiate changes to bring back the balance your body automatically and continually seeks, you will see rapid results. 

As there is still much confusion about the why, how and wherefore of diabetes 2, it is important to understand that insulin levels are greatly affected by a recently discovered hormone - LEPTIN.

“Diabetes is NOT a disease of blood sugar, but rather a disorder of insulin and leptin signalling. Elevated insulin levels are not only symptoms of diabetes, but also heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and obesity.” Dr Joseph Mercola 


White Poison

However, as natural health expert and writer Robert Redfern points out, “No real healing can take place while the cells are still under attack from sugar.” This applies to any ill health condition of course. 

Whilst you may well be aware that removing sugar from your diet is essential in controlling diabetes, you may not have realised that many foods turn to sugar in your body and these also need removing so you can recover. 

Dr Mercola is by no means alone in recommending the elimination of grains and sugar forming carbohydrates, such as potatoes. Some nutritionists would suggest you cut out fruit too in the initial stages. For meat eaters you need to look at organic and grass fed meat, not the processed, pre packaged and shot full of hormones kind.


You Are Unique

We are often wary of monitoring ourselves, or taking responsibility for our health into our own hands. You live in your body, so you do know it the best, but often it can be hard to read the signals.

It is important to recognise that you are unique and although general principles to facilitate recovery apply, you are the one who can feel what is right or wrong for you. Once you start eating a cleaner diet you will find your natural instincts about what is best for you will be easier to interpret. Given the fact that 50 % of people with diabetes 2 aren’t aware they have it and 90% of people in a pre - diabetes state are not aware of this either, it does make sense to implement dietary changes and become more active if living a sedentary life. 

Therefore, by cleaning up your diet you can have a major influence on how your diabetes manifests itself.  By omitting certain foods and incorporating others you will soon see a difference. There many anecdotal accounts of people getting results as rapidly as within 2 weeks. 


Foods to Omit 

  • Any refined and/or processed foods. Think anything in a packet as a rule of thumb. Nature wraps food in a skin or peel! 

  • This includes processed meats and grains

  • Margarine and other trans fats ( packaged and processed)

  • Sugars, HFC syrup is especially deadly and in many processed foods and drinks

  • Dried fruit - and keep fresh fruit to a minimum initially

  • Sodas, and flavoured waters

Foods to Include

  • Cinnamon: if eating fruit using a half teaspoon of cinnamon with any fruit, will greatly reduce blood sugar fluctuations. 

  • Sweet potatoes: have a built in insulin regulator, but are not to be confused with white potatoes of the nightshade family, which don’t and are to be avoided.

  • Chia seed: proven to regulate blood sugar levels and inhibit insulin resistance.

  • Coconut oil: The only healthful oil to use in cooking as it does not oxidise at high temperatures. Save other oils such as olive for dribbling on salads and veggies

  • Fermented foods such as kefir or sauerkraut: these aid in the production of good gut bacteria which are essential in gaining back your health.

  • Drink plenty of water with a dash of Himalayan salt: Dr F Batemanghelidj maintains that diabetes has been passed onto a second generation by parents being constantly dehydrated. Chronic dehydration affects the essential amino acid tryptophan, which in diabetic animals has shown to have dropped dramatically.

  • Drink Coconut water: but make sure it is pure, not all makes are anywhere near equal! Straight from the green coconut is best. This balances electrolytes, allowing cells to function optimally.



Eat Well and Walk to Health


Changing your diet can at first seem daunting but there is a wealth of exciting new foods and tastes to discover. You can literally eat your way to health with wonderful tasting foods. It is simply that you will need to exchange entrenched food beliefs (and palates) for the natural versions. Check out raw chef Russell James, vegetarian septuagenarian Mimi Kirk, and juice master Jason Vale for some delicious alternatives and inspiration. 

Once you have implemented these changes your energy levels will be such that you will find it easy to add exercise to your daily health regime. Walking is more than sufficient, particularly if you alternate the pace between brisk and slow. 

Changing habituated life patterns for a new regime has lead many back to full health. It works for them, it will work for you!

(Edited version of an article I penned in 2016)