Written in 2013 for East Algarve Magazine


Heal Yourself by Eating Raw


I personally first came across the phenomenon of eating raw 17 years ago but regretfully did not implement it as a way of life for another 12 years. Now nearing my fifth raw anniversary, I have successfully by passed many menopausal symptoms, and have forgotten what it is like to suffer colds, sore throats, ear aches, indigestion  and any other minor or major ailments. Also, I am a  much calmer person as my nutritional needs are fully met as opposed to eating only 'empty' foods - yet I have never enjoyed food so much!  I am a 53 year old mother of five, have a waist of 25" and eat as much raw chocolate as I want. Interested? 


Health is not about pouring supplements down your throat, although this is an approach many mistakenly take. It is mostly no good trying to rectify a health problem  by taking a singular approach. The word holistic is bandied about a lot, but it is important to treat the whole body, not just home in on the area of illness that is particularly affecting you. 


Bowel/colon health, a good working digestive system, and the liver/gall bladder all have vital underlying roles in the body's state of being. Many of you would probably associate yellowish skin, dark circles under the eyes with liver and kidney malfunction- but did you know haemorrhoids can be caused by poor liver function? Why suffer? There is no need. 


Eating a diet high in raw foods brings many benefits, from gentle cleansing and detoxification, to weight loss and relief from long standing illness including diabetes type 2. This is the body repairing itself as opposed to the symptoms being covered over by drugs or shunted along to another area of the body. 


The immediate thought of raw foods conjures up simply salads and fruit, however the variety is endless and there are many recipes that mimic favourite cooked foods.  Eating raw means the natural enzymes present in foods are not destroyed by heating.This means your food really is that: FOOD not just a filler disguised as such. Freshly picked leaves and fruits contain life force that the supermarkets can never preserve and happily, here in the Algarve there is an abundance of such.



I am a Nutritional Therapist and Raw Food Educator/Writer. I focus on health not disease, and to this end, I will be glad to introduce you to ways of improving your current diet and simple, cheap ways to gain more nutrition from what you consume.