The Cat Who Loves Spirulina

This is Purdy, a cat who  knows what's good for him. No need to hide the green goodness of spirulina mixed up in other foods to disguise it. Whenever I was trying to pipette a liquid mix of  it down my disabled cat, who took it with great disdain and cat grumblings, Purdy would bound over tail aquiver with excitement for his share. and then begged for more. Cuteness! 

The benefits of spirulina are explained here in depth- https://holistichound.com/spirulina-for-cats-and-dogs

and you will also find much more on natural animal health and pain relief. If you'd  like the products but are in the UK please ask me as I have excellent quality ones I can recommend instead.


Natural foods and products are just as important for the animals we care for as for our own use.  (I will be adding many suggestions on here in the coming weeks )