Short Life Story

I grew up with a health conscious mum who had a juicer in the 60's and 70's when almost NO ONE outside of California had one. Oh how I loathed those sickly beetroot juices waiting to greet me on my return from school, and how rapidly I learned to pour them down the sink when Mum's back was turned. She also made her own yoghurt in the airing cupboard  - this I liked - especially when it went wrong and was fizzzy.

I grew up to the refrains of how poisonous and toxic all the foods most people ate were. This was so true, but who wants to hear that when you can bury your face (and emotions) in anything chocolate and sugary? 

As soon as I  left  home the junk foods moved in with me along with the intention that I would never put my children though all that excessive healthy stuff. Yes, I rebelled big time.

By the time I was 30, I had 5 children who were educated at home and life seemed too short to peel a  muddy potato. Much better to buy premade frozen oven chips I thought!


But the genes got me in the end  (thank goodness) - by my mid thirties I was busy searching all the info I could on how to eat   to thrive, and making  mistakes such as spirulina scones (ahem)  and by my  late 40's  had  far exceeded my Mum's paramaters. 

I was obsessed in my 30's with being thin and got myself a damn good body by rebounding, skipping and playing tennis, and pretty much starving myself. If a day went by where I didn't exercise I felt worthless. Not a healthy state of mind! I had a fit toned body but my emotions were all over the place.

(On the plus side I was rebounding  before it became the thing, and eating goji berries and coconut oil, well before they were on trend.)

Aged 48, some 12 years after first reading about the phenomenon of eating a raw food diet,  I finally embraced  this. 100% raw foods. I loved it and the rewards were great - my life time of jittery moods levelled out and I passed through the menopause with little in the way of symptoms.

After about 2 years of experimenting, I had settled on a high % raw diet for reasons various...

( it is really hard to not upset people if thay have cooked for you. I don't want to upset people! )

I was stretchy, bendy, slim without any effort, looked about 10 years younger than my age, and then I injured myself! HOW this happened to ME (super healthy me!!!)  still confounds and frustrates me, but hey life shoots its surprises at us.


Since then it has been very challenging. Since then I have found my problems stem from long term stress. My body has reacted by tightening up, contracting, and pulling various muscles out of alignment. Healing is a work in progress - body and mind.


So I understand if you are in pain, I understand if you have mood swings, I understand if you can't stop eating those sugary foods, I understand how hard it can be to conceive of eating most of your food raw. I understand that we all need to take things at our own pace.

We are all on a life path with the destination being just out of reach, so we continue to explore, expand and learn. On this voyage we ditch outdated beliefs and welcome in a newer, brighter, more connected version of ourselves. It is not a race or competition, but a step by step process that can be feely- good even as we slough off the skin we have been too comfortable or too scared to shed before.

There is no limit to what we can do.